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Eva Lotta Larsson
Studie- och yrkesvägledare/ Utbildningsadministratör
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Teacher for new Arts Education

We seek teachers to help start up our new Arts Education. If you would enjoy living abroad, if you like to be challenged.

You need to:

  • Speak English
  • Be willing to learn Chines 
  • Have a pedagogical education (Teacher or the likes)
  • Have experience in teaching art (Music, Visual art or Dance)
  • Be creative
  • Be willing to live in Kunming for 6-12 months

It is a plus (but not a necessity) if you have any kind of experience with art therapy.

You will be a part of the culture center TCG Nordica, working with Chinese and Scandinavian colleagues. Your work will mainly consist of training new Chinese teachers in western teaching methods and to be part of an inspiring and motivational work group of teachers that will kick-start this new art education.

The art education will in the beginning be targeted towards 7-11 year-olds, but hopefully it will grow with time.  The education should be inspiring creativity, nurture critical thinking, be a safe learning environment, and should have Christian values at its core. The vision for the education sounds as follows:

“To stimulate reflection on human worth and improve artisanal and social skills, personal awareness and communicative competences through learning to appreciate, create and take part in various art forms.”

The new art education will open between late March and mid-April depending on recruitment of teachers etc. We suggest a stay of at least 12 months, but we can be flexible.

You will get:

  • Language lessons in Chinese
  • Cultural exploration of China
  • Possible travels around China
  • Accommodation (Possibly shared with others)

Read more about TCG Nordica at en.tcgnordica.com

Please send your application to info@tcgnordica.com 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Wu Yue Rong
General Manager

TCG Nordica Culture Center

Bildspel om TCG Nordica olika delar. Du kan också gå in på TCG Nordicas Culture Centers webbsida här.

Stipendium & Artist in Residence

Information om stipendium till TCG Nordica Culture Center i Kina. För mer information se pdf genom att klicka här.


TCG Nordicas tidigare General Manager Wu Yue Rong har tilldelats Kungliga Nordstjärneorden av Sveriges Konung Carl Gustaf. Utdelades av Sveriges ambassadör i Beijing på besök i Kunming, Kina.

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